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LUSIN LUB PZO 152 Special Lubricating and Assembly Paste

LUSIN LUB PZO 152 Special Lubricating and Assembly Paste

LUSIN LUB PZO 152 Special Lubricating and Assembly Paste
LUSIN LUB PZO 152 Special Lubricating and Assembly Paste
Product Descriptions


LUSIN® LUB PZO 152 - Special Oil for Assembly, Bearing and Thrusters


- High pressure resistant
- Prevents adhesion slipping
- Protects against corrosion
- Prevents friction corrosion
- Resistant to hot water and steam
- Resistant to alkaline and acid environment
- Spreads easily


Lusin® Lub PZO 152 is a soft, multipurpose paste based on a combination of mineral oil and inorganic solid lubricants. This specialised lubricating and assembly paste is resistant to high pressure and provides protection against corrosion, including etching corrosion.
Lusin® Lub PZO 152 provides maximum lubricating effect in the preferred application range up to 150°C (302 °F).
Lusin® Lub PZO 152 prevents sticking and is resistant to hot water, steam, alkaline and acid environments. It also spreads easily and offers a long-lasting performance.


Typical Properties

Appearance of the active ingredient: pasty, beige


Density: DIN 51757, at 20c (68F): 1.35 g/ml


Drop point, C (F): > 150 (302)


Service temperature range C (F): -30 to 150 (-22 to 302)


Machined penetration according to DIN 51804 (0.1mm): approx. peaks 315


Lusin® Lub PZO 152 is recommended for use on hub slides and ejector pins in plastics processing machines. The lubricant is specifically designed for maintenance and repair purposes for sliding surfaces (low to medium sliding speeds), for applications where grip slip may occur and for applications under high static and dynamic loads. The product can be used as an installation aid in applications exposed to heat and in all types of applications. Lusin® Lub PZO 152 is a multi-purpose product for assembly operations in the entire machine building industry.


Application notes:

Clean and degrease all surfaces, apply a thin and even layer of paste or spray. For cleaning it is recommended to use Lusin® Clean L 23 F or Lusin® MC1718 as mould cleaning agent and Lusin® Clean L 11 or Lusin® Clean L 52 F as degreaser.

Aerosol 400 ml, 12 pieces per box


Legal Notice
The technical information and recommendations for use contained herein are based on our general experience and knowledge at the time of publication and are intended to provide a professional with technical experience with information on possible applications. It does not relieve the customer of the obligation to carry out his own tests with the product selected for a particular application. Whilst the information and recommendations are believed to be accurate and reliable, nothing stated in this bulletin should be regarded as an express or implied warranty.




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