SINGLE launches SmartLine platform for plug&play installation

Networked temperate control systems create transparency and increase efficiency


SINGLE Temperiertechnik GmbH in Hochdorf is taking a big step towards digitalisation for its customers. SINGLE, a developer and manufacturer of temperature control solutions, is launching its new SmartLine platform that offers a plug&play concept to enable the networking of multiple temperature control systems at the customer's site. Numerous data-supported features provide benefits such as detail-rich process transparency, load-dependent maintenance schedules and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

"The temperature control system is stepping out of the shadows into the light and presents itself in the local network," says SINGLE Managing Director Karsten Sauer about the SmartLine features: "With this network capability, the temperature control system can be monitored, analysed and even directly operated from a central local SmartLine web site."


When developing this solution, SINGLE paid particular attention to the safety standards, which meet current customer expectations and in many cases even exceed them. Another strength of SmartLine is its user-friendliness and the plug&play installation without any additional software.


This "internet of things" approach provides many benefits to customers. The temperature control systems are managed centrally and can be operated from a web browser from any workstation or tablet. Service personnel can gain an overview of the status of all systems without having to go to them physically, which is a noticeable time saver. Machine operators, for example, can use a filter function to focus just on those temperature control systems that are installed in their area of responsibility. A locally available VNC connection can be used to call up the current display at the temperature control system. This feature even makes it possible to operate systems with limited accessibility, such as those installed in cleanrooms.


The Smarthub software keeps a permanent log of process data and system parameters which can then be viewed for any past time period. This makes it easier to analyse earlier errors or faults. A download in CSV format can be used to back up the data in order to maintain complete process documentation in other systems if desired.


Optionally, the data can be transmitted in encrypted format to a SINGLE portal; this allows the SINGLE service team to take quick action and provide effective support in the event of a malfunction. The portal can send e-mails that immediately notify the person in charge of the installation of any malfunctions in order to minimise system downtimes.


The new predictive maintenance feature (patent pending) in the SINGLE portal continuously analyses the status of the systems and indicates maintenance operations that are due soon or process conditions that approach critical limits before a malfunction actually occurs. This way, maintenance operations can be performed as needed and as planned, ensuring maximum system availability. The early detection of problems reduces system outages and avoids production downtimes. A built-in energy monitoring feature provides information about the system's energy consumption but also about the heat balance of the mould. This provides the user with necessary data as well as ideas for energy optimisation. The effects of any action taken can be measured by the system.


"Customers save a lot of money and avoid unplanned system downtimes if they network their temperature control systems, if the data are linked in a smart way, and the operators and those in charge of the systems receive helpful information," says Frank Spork, Director of Product Management.


SINGLE temperature control systems can be managed centrally from a web browser - from any workstation or tablet. Data-supported tools for preventive maintenance ensure maximum system availability at all times.


10 July 2019 Wednesday
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