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State of The Art Manufacturing

State of The Art Manufacturing

State of The Art Manufacturing
State of The Art Manufacturing
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Genox is a combined word of "Generating Oxygen" with a meaning of creating a better environment through new and innovative technology. Both the employees and management of Genox abide by this principle and constantly pursue the most effective, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the recycling of waste materials, which is the best recycling equipment manufacturer.

Through extensive testing, seeking feedback from our valued customers and distributors, and working closely with our European engineering partners. Genox has developed an extensive range of technically advanced machinery for the processing of plastics, tires, scrap steel and E-waste.

We have over time developed an extensive network of experienced business partners and distributors worldwide who regularly provide feedback on product demand and experiences from their customers. They also hold large inventories of spare parts and standard specification equipment for quick delivery and service to their respective target markets.

Besides assisting us with the development our own product range, our partner companies also support their customers with valuable advice on how best to develop, improve or refine their existing processes and/or equipment.

We welcome new challenges and look forward to receiving your enquiry.    


State of The Art Manufacturing

Genox's state of the art manufacturing and engineering facility is located in Guangzhou, Southern China, at the heart of the most developed industrial region in the Zhujiang Delta. Easily accessible from Hong Kong and most international cities via Baiyun International Airport, this excellent location provides a wealth of engineering talent and skilled labour on demand which has enabled Genox to form a conscientious, experienced production team. We continually invest in training and skills development. Where possible we encourage employee promotion from within.


We recognize that high levels of accuracy, consistency, and attention to detail are necessary for us to be competitive in the highly competitive and ever-changing recycling equipment industry.
Therefore, Genox has invested heavily in the purchase of precise, large capacity machining and fabrication equipment 

This modern equipment, rarely found in our domestic competitors' factories, allows us to produce accurate components to defined specifications that provide reliable performance and long service life. This modern equipment, rarely found in our competitors factories, allows us to produce accurate components to defined specifications that provide reliable performance and long service life.

Our stringent quality control system is another assurance that Genox products are built to the approved standard. We have adopted strict quality inspection routines from long-term manufacturing experience. Our dedicated quality control team, which is supervised directly by top level management, regularly inspects each manufacturing process to ensure our high quality manufacturing standards are maintained.
All of our equipment and plants are tested under load before leaving the factory. Whenever possible these tests will be conducted using the same material as the end user intends to process. It is especially important when building bespoke machines and non-standard plants that we can test and prove the performance and ensure the product quality meets customer expectations prior to dispatch.

Our large production facility and complement of skilled engineers allows us to accommodate customer orders into our production plan with ease. Whether it be a single machine, or a multi plant contract, our ability to manufacture the majority of components in house minimizes our reliance on external suppliers. This enables us to react to peaks in demand, whilst keeping close control of quality and meeting delivery deadlines.    



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