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LUSIN LUB PM 1001 High-Temperature Paste Oil

LUSIN LUB PM 1001 High-Temperature Paste Oil

LUSIN LUB PM 1001 High-Temperature Paste Oil
LUSIN LUB PM 1001 High-Temperature Paste Oil
Product Descriptions


LUSIN® LUB PM 1001 - High Temperature Paste with Synthetic Base Oil


- High pressure resistant
- Resistant to high temperatures
- Thermally conductive
- Prevents mattress wrapping


Lusin® Lub PM 1001 is a high temperature lubricating and assembly paste with a combination of synthetic base oil and inorganic solid lubricants especially resistant to high temperatures. This paste provides lubrication and is resistant to temperatures up to 1000 °C (1832 °F). Lusin® Lub PM 1001 is thermally conductive and prevents seizures.


Typical Properties

Colour Light grey


Density DIN 51757 g/ml at 20C: 1,3


Lusin® Lub PM 1001 is used as a lubricant for screw connections exposed to high temperatures and pressure, e.g. screws of injection moulding machines or extrusion dies. It can also be used as an anti-cracking, heat-conducting assembly paste in all kinds of applications.


Application notes:

Clean and degrease the surface. Apply a thin layer of paste over the entire surface and rub lightly. Apply a thin and even layer by spraying.


For cleaning, it is recommended to use Lusin® Clean L 23 F or Lusin® MC1718 as mould cleaning agent and Lusin® Clean L 11 or Lusin® Clean L 52 F as degreaser.

Box 1500 gr
Spray: 400 ml, 12 pieces per can


Legal Notice
The technical information and recommendations for use contained herein are based on our general experience and knowledge at the time of publication and are intended to provide a professional with technical experience with information on possible applications. It does not relieve the customer of the obligation to carry out his own tests with the product selected for a particular application. Whilst the information and recommendations are believed to be accurate and reliable, nothing stated in this bulletin should be regarded as an express or implied warranty.


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