Lusin Clean L 11 Lubricant Cleaning Material

Lusin Clean L 11 Lubricant Cleaning Material
Lusin Clean L 11 Lubricant Cleaning Material
Product Descriptions


LUSIN® CLEAN L 11 - Organic Solvent Based Cleaning Agent


- Degreases and cleanses thoroughly
- Short drying times
- Suitable for plastics and rubbers


Lusin® Clean L 11 dissolves oils and greases and removes wax residues. Conventional plastics and rubbers are resistant to short-term exposure to the fast-drying cleaner.


Typical Properties
Appearance of the active substance: liquid, colourless


Lusin® Clean L 11 thoroughly wets parts and is suitable for removing oil, grease and wax residues from plastic, metal and rubber surfaces.
It is applicable for cleaning and maintenance of all plastic surfaces in cars, technical apparatus, etc.


Parts can be cleaned by wiping, dipping or spraying.
To prevent corrosion, it is recommended to treat freshly cleaned metal surfaces with a mould protection (corrosion inhibitor) such as Lusin® Protect G 31 F (NSF compliant), Lusin® Protect G 11 or Lusin® Protect G 31.


Aerosol 400 ml, 12 pieces per box
with Volume: 20 l, 200 l


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